Garry Trinh is an artist working in photography, video, painting and works on paper. He makes art about the uncanny, unexpected and spontaneous moments in daily life. He is inspired by his surroundings and from the vast visual output of mass culture. He is perplexed by the perception of artists as coffee-drinking loafers who work whenever they feel like it. He doesn't even drink coffee. His works are about a way of looking at the world, to reveal magic in the mundane. He is never bored and never late.

He holds a BA in Psychology and a BA in Visual Communications / Photography and Digital Imaging from the University of Western Sydney.

Trinh was the winner of the Sydney Life photography prize in 2007 and won the Auburn Mayoral Photographic Prize in 2009 and 2010. His photo book Just Heaps Surprised to be Alive was nominated for Photography Book of the Year at the 4th International Photo book Festival at Kassel, Germany. He has been a finalist in the Fisher's Ghost art prize, Olive Cotton Portrait Prize, National Portrait Prize and the Hazelhurst Art on Paper Award. From 2017-2019 Trinh was a full time tenant at Parramatta Artists Studios.

His work is collected by the Art Gallery of NSW and Artbank. He has been exhibited at the Australian Centre for Photography, Campbelltown Arts Centre, Blacktown Arts Centre, Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre, Stills Gallery, Gallery 4A and many others.

Trinh is currently a member of the Powerhouse Museum Photography Advisory Group and a exhibition selection committee member for the HeadOn Photography Festival.

Trinh lives and works in Sydney Australia.


Granville Centre Art Gallery, artist in residence
June 2023 - May 2024

Hazelhurst Art on Paper Award
Finalist | September 2023

Pen Tests Presented by Damien Minton
Sheffer Gallery | August 2023

The Great Granville Garden Show
Granville Centre Art Gallery | July 2023

Olive Cotton Award
Finalist | July 2023

Fairfield City Museum & Gallery | April 2023

Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre | January 2023

Keeping Score: Tracing Time
Mosman Art Gallery | October 2022

Concordia Art Gallery, artist in residence
February - May 2022

Time Pass
Bankstown Arts Centre | July 2021

Fisher's Ghost Art Award
Finalist | November 2020

Sydney Metro Art
Finalist | July 2020

Light Matter
Australian Centre for Photography
Sydney | August 2019

Cement Fondu
Sydney | March 2018

Something Else is Alive
Sydney and the Animal Instinct

Customs House
Sydney | August 2017

Australian Centre for Photography
Sydney | July 2017

It's Our Thing
More History from Australian Hip Hop, part 2
Blacktown Arts Centre
Sydney | June 2017

PAS 17.2
Parramatta Artists Studios
Sydney | May 2017

107 Projects
Sydney | June 2017

Your Past in not Your Present
Wedge Gallery
Sydney | September 2016

Objects in Space: Artists in the Garden
Peacock Gallery
Sydney | August 2016

Don't Worry No One's Watching
Peacock Gallery
Sydney | May 2015

On This Site
Verge Gallery
Sydney | May 2015

Let's Get Lost
Alaska Projects
Sydney | February 2015

Season 14
Stills Gallery
Sydney | December 2014

Deeds, Not Words 2
RVCA Corner Gallery
Melbourne | November 2014

The Boondocks Experiment 2014
Hawkesbury Regional Gallery
Sydney | February 2014

Cross Projections
Tusculum House
Sydney | November 2013

Don't Forget Your Beginner's Spirit
Australian Centre for Photography
Sydney | November 2013

Pigeon Auction
Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre
Sydney | May 2013

Snake Snake Snake
City of Sydney, Sydney Town Hall | February 2013

Season 12: Garden of Earthly Delights
Stills Gallery, Sydney | December 2012

Atget Competition (winner)
Art Gallery of NSW | November 2012

Within Walking Distance (Tracing the Parklands)
Museum of Contemporary Arts Australia
C3West, Western Sydney Parklands Trust
November 2012

Sydney Life, Art & About (finalist)
Hyde Park North, Sydney | September 2012

Within Walking Distance, Slot Gallery
Sydney | July 2012

The Creative Exchange, Head On Photo Festival
Sydney | May 2012

PhotoGraff, Art Atrium
Sydney | May 2012

Ingrained, Kind Of Gallery
Sydney | May 2012

Independent Photo Festival
Tinning Street Gallery
Melbourne | April 2012

New Neighbours Project
Pop Up Space Parramatta,
Sydney | December 2011

Reading Room
First Draft Gallery, Sydney | November 2011

Sydney Life, Art & About (finalist)
Hyde Park North, Sydney | September 2011

End Of The Roll
Kind Of Gallery,
Sydney | September 2011

1.85 Million: Art Peripheries
Campbelltown Arts Centre,
Sydney | August 2011

Bad Angle
Stills Gallery, Sydney | July 2011

4th International Photobook Festival (finalist)
Kasseler Documenta-Halle,
Kassel, Germany | June 2011

Yes I Can/No Can Do
Blacktown Arts Centre,
Sydney | March 2011

Back in 5
Monster Children Gallery,
Sydney | December 2010

Dream Home
Australian Centre for Photography,
Sydney | September 2010

TCB art inc.
Melbourne | September 2010

Auburn Mayoral Photographic Prize (winner)
Auburn Town Hall, Sydney | August 2010

Captured, Collected, Categorised
Australian Centre for Photography,
Sydney | July 2010

Just Heaps Surprised To Be Alive
China Heights Gallery, Sydney | May 2010

Lifetime Space, Vancouver | November 2009

Sydney Life, Art & About (finalist)
Hyde Park North, Sydney | October 2009

Auburn Mayoral Photographic Prize (winner)
Auburn Town Hall, Sydney | August 2009

Print Matters
Chauvel Cinema Gallery, Sydney | July 2009

Parramatta Artists Studios, Sydney | May 2009

Same Same
Gallery 4A, Sydney | November 2008

The Queue
Australia Centre for Photography,
Sydney | July 2008

Five Pockets
The Lee Gallery, Melbourne | June 2008

Various Photographs - Curated by Tim Barbar
New York Photo Festival, New York | May 2008

I Love Pho
Breadbox Gallery, Perth | May 2008

Five Pockets
Monster Children Gallery, Sydney | April 2008

Always Driving into the Sun
Parramatta Artists Studios, Sydney | March 2008

I Love Pho
Gabriel Gallery, Melbourne | February 2008

Heavy Metal in Baghdad, Photo Exhibition
Montreal & Toronto, Canada | October
& December 2007

Sydney Life, Art & About (winner)
Hyde Park North, Sydney | October 2007

Tiny Vices
Kansas City, Missouri | October 2007

Tiny Vices
St. Louis, Missouri | September 2007

Tiny Vices
Proyectos Monclova, Mexico City | July 2007

Tiny Vices
Gallery Soho, London UK | June 2007

Tiny Vices
Colette, Paris France | February 2007

Tiny Vices
Studio Bee, Tokyo Japan | December 2006

I Love Pho
Liverpool Regional Museum | June 2006

The Drawing Show
G&A Studios | March 2006

Buddha in Suburbia
Liverpool Regional Museum | September 2005

Get it Louder
Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen China | April 2005

When was the Last Time you Looked up?
Margot Hardy Gallery, Bankstown | November 2003

Five Dollars
Paris Sydney Tokyo Gallery | July 2003

Creating Paradise on Earth
Casula Powerhouse Art Centre | January 2003

Those Who Can, Teach
Campbelltown Art Gallery | December 2002

1.5 Generation
Casula Powerhouse Art Centre | September 2002

Anti Racism Billboard and Sound Project
Information Cultural Exchange | August 2002

Liverpool Regional Museum | June 2002

Casula Powerhouse Art Centre | November 2000

Loud Media Festival
January 1998

UTS Gallery | 1997

Legal Walls Arts Project
Casula Powerhouse Art Centre | 1994

Published Works

Beauty Bonsai: Sydney's New Suburban Street Art | by
Robin Powell, September 2021.

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Ally Howell, February 2018.

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Eye Occupy (remixed) | Self published photo book.
March 2017.

Nobody Knows | Self published photo book.
December 2016.

Eye Occupy | Self published photo book.
March 2015.

Onlookers | Self published zine. April 2014.

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